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Copper Chef 9.5" Square Fry Pan FAQ's

1. Is the Copper Chef™ pan dishwasher safe?
Yes! The Copper Chef pan is safe to use on any surface.

2. Is there a coating on the Copper Chef™ pan that burns off at first use?
No. As with all cookware, remember to wash with non-abrasive soap before first use.

3. Is the Copper Chef™ pan actual copper or copper in color? Is it a coating that will peel?
The pan is copper colored, coated aluminum with a steel induction plate.

4. Is the Copper Chef™ pan scratch resistant?
Yes. As with all non-stick cookware, we recommend using non-metallic, plastic or silicone cooking utensils.

5. Can you cook on an open fire with the Copper Chef™ pan?
Although the pan can be used on an open fire, it is designed for kitchen use.

6. Is the Copper Chef™ pan non-stick?
Yes, it is a ceramic-coated, non-stick pan.

7. What is the weight of the Copper Chef™ pan?
The Copper Chef square pan weighs 1.93 lb.

8. Copper pots and pans must be polished frequently. What do you use?
The exterior of the pan is copper-colored coating, so it does not require frequent polishing.

9. How do I clean my Copper Chef™ pan?
Clean your Copper Chef™ pan with mild soap and water and a soft, non-metal scrubber.

10. Does the handle on the Copper Chef™ pan get hot?
The handle is hollow, making it cooler than solid-core handles. Be sure to use a pot holder, as the handle can get hot on the stovetop and when in the oven.

11. Is the Copper Chef™ pan oven-safe?
Yes, though you should always remember to use pot holders when removing the pan from the oven.

12. What kind of utensils should I use with the Copper Chef™ pan?
Non-Metallic utensils made of plastic or silicone should be used.